the LT Ranch Summer Session 2017 Catalogue

the LT Summer Session 2017: mobile studios

This year's summer session was punctuated by a multitude of daily weather patterns that kept the workspaces and makers trotting around the landscape.
Carrier boxes of tools and materials, mobile collections of artefacts moved from location to location, carpets of plastic sheets appeared and disappeared as did some well intentioned tent covers. As rainbows passed and deposited gold pots in far away horizons, the skies dispersed the colour into weighty blankets of tones in cyclical rotation.
The following images are a collection of these temporal studio spaces in the Ranch landscape this year, paradoxically mostly captured during sunny spells. These craftspaces document early iterations and experimentation of projects.
The catalogue is a work in progress at the moment, where projects will be presented by the makers themselves. These temporary studios may appear, but then may remain fleeting glimpses of processes of behind the scenes fragments.
The cinematic moments will be have links in the catalogue, and we hope to launch this year's events at the UAL MA ISD Graduation Show in early Sept 2017.

But first a group shot....
Left to right: Lucy Jones, Charlotte Crocker, Richard Ford, Ken Wilder, Kristina Kotov, Luna Ozbek, Nathan Back-Chamness, Stasys Skliaustis, Athina Leontiou, Clinton Olajide, Emily Legg, Adrienne Bennie, Faezeh Fahti, Jeffrey Adjei, Piera Dencker-Rasmussen, Ziad El-Sharkaoui


Images top to bottom (all titles are working titles):

the backpackers seed dress, the dark side of fairytales and traces: Charlotte Crocker 
disorientation of the non functioning, returning uses via social memory | the tree house & sauna : Clinton Olajide
deconstructing the homeless trolley | re-constructing the sleigh: mystery of archaeology : Adrienne Bennie
a bridge over water: the link between the barns | a pairing for the yurt : Emily Legg
landscape archaeology | topiary : Faezeh Fahti
threaded mapping | horizontal-vertical | something real in something virtual : Piera Dencker-Rasmussen
a bird house | 3 flats + 1 ensuite : Lucy Jones
the studio as zone of influence : beneath the artificial evergreens - beneath the non-artificial apple tree : Ziad El-Sarkaoui
the geology of stone powder Rev A : Faezeh Fahti (the alchemist)
the roof house 2017 : Richard Ford, Nathan Back Chamness, Faezeh Fahti, Stasys Skliaustis
a tiny boat crossing the Atlantic | restrained movement | a performative ritualised transfer : Luna Ozbek

Baltic Pavilion, Venice 2016

(image grabbed from the Estonian call out 2018)

We were fortunate to meet some of the curators of the Baltic Pavilion in Venice in November, 2016 on a trip with UCA Canterbury School of Architecture Year 2 students: Clinton Olajide, Jacob Williams +1 (sorry!) with Studio Tutor Rhys Jones. A real pleasure to be able to chance upon them in the Palasport, Arsenale. Karlis Berzins + several other curators had just arrived and took some time out to speak briefly with us. An awe inspiring collection of infrastructure, ideas, history, maps, diagrams and artefacts to be viewed while the girl's basketball team prepared for practice in the arena, a working sports hall.

Much better descriptions can be found in this range of links:

Karlis kindly introduced us by way of emails to several other curators, Jonas Zukauskas, Niklavs Paegle, Ona Lozuraityte to initially give a talk at our Multistorey lecture series in Canterbury. We have thickly pencilled in- with a 2b pencil for Jonas to speak on the 12th Oct, 2017 with MArch student Daniel Stilwell curating these talks. Further details to follow....

LT Ranch Summer Session 2017

Places are limited, please get in touch with interest or questions the above email or

Roof House 'Shed' update Feb 2017

A light dusting of snow covered the Roof House preceded by a drop in temperatures and rain, preceded by 2 weeks of -25C temperatures. We had been able to temporarily cover the central segment of the Roof house before Christmas, re-used the roof covers- recovered from Barn 2b (its outer sheath). We all breathed a sigh of relief. The old timber standing exposed during the fall rains and snow are now having a chance to dry before we can consider re-engaging with inching towards completing the structure and saving the piles of material surrounding it. As a couple weeks ago, its looking good. The ground below is resolving to not receiving direct sunlight for the immediate to middle futures.
We can get on with developing drawings and details as the winter thaws from this central bay, designed in situ last summer with UCA Canterbury School of Architecture Part 1 graduates Declan Ralph, Richard Ford, Faezeh Fathi.

View from the 'workshop' central bay towards the Barn 2 b outdoor piazza.

The Lithuanian Folk and Domestic Museum, Rumšiškės visits Stučiai

We missed mentioning a momentous occasion that occurred in April 2016. Our much cherished Barn 2 b advisor, Rasa Berta, had organised a conference with the the help of her colleague Gita Sapranauskaite and other collaborators (listed on the page spread), to include Stučių hamlet as a fieldwork stop off for the Lietuvos Liaudies ir Buities Muzejiaus conference organised for visiting both public and private vernacular elements.
Since beginning a dialogue in 2011 by way of researching our project, Rasa has been a staunch advocate of our rather ad hoc, analogue, yet in some moments highly digital processes deployed during the Barn 2 b project. 
By April 2016 we had completed the shingled roof, and were monitoring the Barn during its first winter in its new location.

As the crow flies over Stučių hamlet, news spread and the klėtis, across the road from the Ranch also was in need of an appraisal of its integrity and maintenance as a historic vernacular element of the hamlet's history. As a result, the yellow house homestead, across from the Ranch became part of the conference tour as well. Two elements in one hamlet - we were pretty chuffed.

Arrangements were made, coaches booked, kibinai (a controversial yet ultimately delicious little bun similar to the Cornish pastry) and warm soup arrived, courtesy of Rasa and colleagues, alongside about 30-35 conference participants in a coach to the hamlet. A population explosion - even if temporary.

First Chris's introduced their klėtis to assess, measure and survey, then we moved to the Barn 2 b.
An exchange of storeys, knowledge and approaches about our various buildings and histories ensued.
Hopefully it was useful for all.
A sincere thank you to all who made this event possible.

Summer Session 2016 catalogue has arrived

The first 30 copies have arrived! This is the participant compiled catalogue from the Summer Session 2016, with an introduction by the Lumberjack Bard, Daniel Stilwell. Copies can be purchased via the publisher, or by emailing us at (please copy paste). Proceeds purchased directly from us will help support the Ranch organisation, especially this year, the Stoginė project. Enjoy!

the Folded Landscape for a Suitcase

Over the years several versions of topographical models, layered paper and digital have been made. Finally this summer, shortly before the Summer Session began one such model began to be assembled. We brainstormed one afternoon, knowing that we would need it to fit in a suitcase and be adjustable for processes ongoing at the Ranch.

The Folded Landscape for a Suitcase was born.

Found ply was measured, 2d and Rhino models bounced back and forth, details to fold the site and fit it in my carry on luggage measured. The laser cutter was not so happy cutting this found ply. Much black soot pervaded the workshop and suitcase, but in the end this charring gave a type of tone that fitted the Ranch landscape.

The topographical survey had been commissioned in spring 2010 when the water in the streams are highest. Various changes since 2010 will be sculpted in over the winter months: the new Barn 2b had usurped the smaller Barn 2 in 2014, two wells instead of one, and the felled trees were now a horizontal architecture of mazes (constructed by Yvonne Onah and Jiri Hanzlik during the 2014 Summer Session) & healthy forest growing vertical branches at 90 degrees.

This model will be sanded and sculpted to accept the changes over time, slices taken out and replaced, sanded when larger smoother areas are adjusted. Small caricatures of these changes and existing buildings, materials of these will come found offcuts at the Ranch: copper, willow, wire etc. Thank you to Chris Settle, head technician FABlab, Jordan Whitewood-Neal and Greg Howes, both UCA Canterbury School of Architecture degree students.

'Stoginė' a.k.a the Roof House - has no roof...yet